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This web site has been set up to provide information to the general public, businesses and other interested parties on the geophysical seismic exploration operation formally known as Horizon Exploration (Eagle Geophysical Offshore).

This site will also publicise links to other relevant websites and useful contacts.

Please check our forum for regular updates and information.

Horizon Exploration an Overview

"Horizon Exploration drew on 20 years of continuous experience in worldwide marine operations. Their vessels carried out numerous 2D and 3D surveys in environments ranging from the Gulf Of Mexico to Vietnam, from the North Sea to Madagascar"

"Over the years Horizon maintained a reputation for technical advancement and commitment to acquisition excellence. Their size meant that every project was as important to themselves as it was to the client, and their independant status ensured excellent service remained their sole objective"

Caribbean Horizon

m.v. Caribbean Horizon seen being lifted on board a conventional commercial vessel as deck cargo.

Atlantic Horizon

m.v. Atlantic Horizon in the River Medway on her final voyage prior to being acquired by Aker Geo Seismic.

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Horizon Exploration

Teledyne Exploration

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