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Shoestring seismic, need we say more...

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Tue Feb 22, 2005 2:36 pm

Well what can I say about this. For a boat that had just had a lot of money spent on it converting it to a seismic vessel, it was an absolute shambles. A real nightmare to work on. Absolutely nothing hydraulically powered to aid in section changes, lead-in changes etc, all back breaking work. The guys who worked on it will probably remember it taking 4 guys about 3/4 of an hour just to change a section. As for changing a lead-In. The reel was high up on a platform, which some people had to stand on with about 2 feet of space before you fell off. This had to be turned by hand would you believe, so practically the whole shift had to be there to get the job done. It was as if Seismic had gone 10 years backwards working on this boat. I suppose we did have some laughs though, mainly in the face of adversity I may add. Those were the days eh?

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Tue Feb 22, 2005 3:01 pm

Ho Ho....

Saying that though you cant get it all right all the time as anyone who has been on the CGG Alize will tell you.....

I know, lets design the back deck with the sections rolling off the top of a reel instead of the bottom and have a nice hydraulic thingy to pull down the section at the back end.

They obviously forgot that there is such a thing as tension, and when the sections get pulled down they get holed every time! Deployment and recovery is a complete farce...!!

Umm off topic, we were talking about the Austral werent we....

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