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MultiSeis - Seismic Industry Software Specialists

Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 4:04 pm
by marky9074
Developers of unique and versatile software, written by users for users.

We currently provide MultiSeis a marine seismic project management and reporting package with an optional Q.C. element. This package is growing in popularity and is now being used throughout the world by oil, Q.C. and contracting companies alike.

Current Versions: Ver 2.3.9 (Build4) - Dongled version and Ver 2.4.9 ( Build 8 ) - Non-dongled with optional licensing.

Optional licensing: Trial, Read-Only (provided free with lease/purchase of Lite, Classic or XTra), Lite (project management & reporting), Classic (Lite + QC) and a soon to be released XTra (with extended QC). The 'Classic' version is the equivalent of ver 2.3.9.

We also have a newer system called MultiSeis MMO (Ver 3.3.0), which is probably the most advanced marine mammal reporting / logging system for the seismic industry