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Any news on the pension front, please put it here.....

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Fri Aug 08, 2008 6:42 pm

Anyone trying to get in touch with WWH Pension Trustees at 100 Fetter Lane London EC4A 1BN, telephone 02072421011 will be told that Peter Rees is no longer based there.
He moved out in late March and took the Horizon Pension Plan folio with him. I was in contact with him over this period but he neglected to inform me that they were moving. It was only after repeated calls to the Beechcroft number that Beechcroft informed me that he was no longer based there.
He can now be found at http://www.iscalegal.co.uk as can Miranda Causton and Melissa Hope.
The site list three contact adresses and a contact number.
E-mail contact is by prees@iscalegal.co.uk and mcauston@iscalegal.co.uk

I had to contact Peter Rees in early March as my pension was due at the end of April and they had not sent me any paperwork to initiate the pension.
The paperwork eventually arrived on the 26th March, but I had just left for a 5 week trip about 4 hours before it's arrival.
Despite being due to start at the end of April, nothing has been received so far.
I contacted Scottish Widows as Peter Rees was reluctant to identify a contact there. Initially they said that they knew nothing about
the Horizon Pension Plan. I have since been contacted by Margaret Shaw, margaret.shaw@scottishwidows.co.uk, telephone 0131 6556040.
The account there is FC55 Horizon Pension Planeach member has a membership number.
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