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Still at sea

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 12:16 am
by BobD
Hi All

After Horizon folded I sat on the beach for around six months without trace of work.

I then got a start with Racal. Quite strange to meet people who I had dealt with for years over the phone in person.

Soon taken over by Thales at the end of my first year with them I got involved with the Thales Venturer pretty much from the start.

I escaped the redundancies when the Venturer failed as I was field staff before it was mobilised.

However after the Fugro takeover of Racal Survey I got made redundant last April.

Decided to give the freelance thing a shot and my first two jobs were for Fugro!

Still freelancing, mainly construction and happy to be away from seismic for a while.

Hope there is enough interest to keep the site working.