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back in seismic

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 2:47 am
by cpangle
Well after leaving the business in '99, I have only recently returned. Guess I swallowed the anchor enough, though, as I am in the HSE Department with Veritas and mainly working in the Houston Office. Nice job on the web site Mark, quite surprised to find it. Definitely a shock to look at some of the old photo's, and as I am currently on the Veritas Vantage it reminds me of the differences in life offshore then to now. The Lab was the only pride of the fleet I managed to get on, and even then not for long. But the Casey and Ross Chouest, and the Abshire Tide and the mighty Disco, and the Celtic did get the job done. I'll be on the Osprey Explorer tomorrow, and will be back in Houston next week.

Best to all,

Curtis Pangle